Urge Congress: Don’t Leave Older Adults Out Of Infrastructure


Congress has begun developing a $3.5 trillion infrastructure investment package -- so NOW is the moment to make sure U.S. Representatives and Senators hear our voices!

The infrastructure package must include:

  • $400 billion for home and community-based services to allow more older adults to get the help they need to grow older wherever they call home, including increasing pay for the staff who provide the help.
  • $7.5 billion to address the nation’s shortage of affordable housing for older adults with very low incomes through HUD’s Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly program.
  • $55 billion to increase Medicaid reimbursement for nursing homes so they can pay wages that enable them to recruit and retain staff, especially front line workers.
  • $1 billion investment in the aging services workforce to implement strategies to strengthen recruitment, career, and training opportunities that our nation’s direct care workers need to care for millions of older Americans and people with disabilities.

Now is the time to act: send a message to your U.S. Representative and Senators today!

Thank you!

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Thank you for taking action! 

As a constituent who is concerned for older adults and those who serve them, I ask that you please co-sponsor the Home Health Emergency Access to Telehealth (HEAT) Act (S.4854/H.R. 8677) and push for its inclusion in any future COVID-relief or other health care package. 

Under current law, Medicare cannot reimburse home health providers for virtual care and, as a result, our home health members have been put in the untenable position of forfeiting adequate reimbursement to better protect their staff and patients. The HEAT Act (S.4854/H.R. 8677) would provide home health providers with the ability to receive reimbursement for providing telehealth visits with appropriate protections for patients and families. 

Home health providers are a critical component of the aging services infrastructure and they need the flexibility provided by this legislation to ensure that they can safely serve their patients without forfeiting adequate reimbursement. Please act to protect older adults and those who serve them by co-sponsoring the HEAT Act  (S.4854/H.R. 8677).